The Ask

Create a brand extension for Visine.

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The Background

Visine is the category leader of eyedrops with close to 38 million users in the United States.

Their product categories are focused are focused on relieving eye-related issues such as dry eyes, itchy eyes, or red eyes.

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The Opportunity

We discovered a fourth eye-related issue that Visine could relieve by extending their brand into a new market of digital eye strain products.

Visine Bleu.007.jpeg

The Research

Up to 90% of computer users suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain. These symptom include, among other things, sore and tired eyes, dry or watery eyes, blurred or double vision, and headaches. We found that individuals spend up to 12 hours in front of a digital screen per day. However, it only takes two hours of screen time to cause damage. Contact lens wearers are at a higher disadvantage to the symptoms of digital eye strain. Contacts limit the amount of oxygen that the eye gets, which can amplify the symptoms.

Blue Light Explained

Blue light is everywhere. It’s what makes the sky blue, but blue light is also what causes digital eye strain. Wavelengths are emitted from screens (TVs, laptops, phones, etc) and are absorbed by your cornea. However, blue lights are much stronger than the other wave lengths and are actually absorbed by your retina, which causes immense damage over time and can even lead to mental health issues.