The Ask

How can KIND enter the pet food market?

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The Background

KIND’s motto is to “bring kindness to the world in the form of a healthy snack.”

The brand runs on the belief that if you can’t pronounce the ingredient then it shouldn’t go into your body.

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The Research

There are 78 million dog households and 86 million cat households.

According to Simmons, KIND users are 60% more likely than the general population to have a dual-pet household.

Only two products exist that cater to both cats and dogs.

By removing all of the unpronounceable substances, you create a product that is safe for the consumption by both cats and dogs.

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The Strategy

Bridge the divide between the dog and cat market by reframing the conversation around pets while discrediting the notion that cats and dogs need separate treats.

The Concept

Develop a line of premium all-natural and grain-free multi-pet treats with the first-to-market treat bar.

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The Packaging

KIND Pets is reflective of the original KIND bar packaging except with a soft, matte texture packaging to distinguish between the product lines.

More Information

The Execution

We created a media matrix that highlighted the important routes needed to reach the target audience. KPIS were established to track success to the brands touchpoints;, #KINDawesome, and


Cody Colvin (CBM) | Shayla Johnson (CBM) | Lee Kuykendall (CBM) | Joe Reilly (CBM)