The Background

We began by brainstorming various types of guys before coming to our muse: the craft beer guy. The beauty of this type of person is that it can be anyone or anything. It is not limited to gender or societal roles. This type of person became our spring broad moving forward.

The Research

The craft beer trend has seen 5% growth since 2017 and is most popular amongst users aged 21-34. Brands like Girl Scouts have even capitalized on this growing trend by creating a pairing event with craft beer and their popular cookies.

Not surprisingly, there is science to back the notion of pairing food with beer or wine. The receptive nerves of your tongue react differently to the five basic tastes: sour, sweet, salty, bitter, or umami. However, the actual taste of your food is highly dependent on your olfactory system and whether it is functioning or not. Olfaction (or olfactory) is the scientific term for the body’s sense of smell.

But how does this all of this information relate to fragrances?

We discovered that there is currently a market of craft beer-related products such as candles and soaps. These products are either infused with craft beer or are used as enhancers. For example, breweries utilize soaps that won’t alter the taste of your beer and can actually boost the flavor profiles.

The Concept

This lead to our new concept: Olefaction. A play on the word: ‘Olé Fashioned’. And a nod to the science of your olfactory nerves. Olefaction is a line of fragrances designed to not only make you smell delicious, but will actually enhance the taste of the craft beer you’re drinking.

The Marketing

Leading to the launch of Olefaction, the brand will travel to the top ten breweries in the United States to promote the fragrance. Pop up tents and a branded fragrance-tap truck will park outside of the breweries and offer on-site samples. Once the event is over, Olefaction will provide the brewery with scratch-and-sniff coasters of the fragrances.

Olefaction will also partner with craft beer influencers on social media to promote the brand. The influencers will be taken on an experiential brand trip to create educational content about the brand’s commitment to creating authentic fragrances and learn about the craft beer making process.


Jackson Downey (CBM) | Mason Shuck (CBM)